Thousands of Tito fans honored his memory in Croatia

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Several thousand fans of the former leader of communist Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, celebrated the 130th anniversary of his birth in his hometown of Kumrovec on Saturday. Croatiawhich houses a museum for him.

They traveled from the four corners of the former Yugoslav Federation to honor the memory of the leader of the war against the Nazi occupation forces during World War II.but also the opposition to Joseph Stalin, with the creation of the Non-Aligned Movement.

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“The purpose of the gathering is to remember, not only the past, but a time when we lived richer and more secure”explained Jovan Veinovic, head of Tito’s nostalgic organization.

Several of the participants were holding flags of the former Yugoslaviaor wore T-shirts in the form of the former general secretary of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and leader of the Yugoslav partisans.

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After his forces ousted the Nazi occupation forces during World War II, Tito ruled Yugoslavia with an iron fist for 35 years, until his death on May 4, 1980 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In the absence of the magnetism of its leading, authoritarian form, the mosaic of peoples and religions that made up the former Yugoslav federation lasted only a decade before it exploded, starting a series of wars with more than 130,000 dead.

Tito’s legacy remains controversial in the countries born of the break-up of Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia). Others love him, others hate him. Its name evokes for its nostalgia the golden age when Yugoslavia was one of the most prosperous communist countries.

Source: News Beast

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