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Threats to Donald Tusk after the assassination attempt against Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said today that he had received threats following the assassination attempt on his Slovak counterpart, while a media outlet reported that measures surrounding the Polish prime minister's security would be stepped up. Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fičo has been shot five times since yesterday in an assassination attempt on him, allegedly politically motivated. The incident prompted international condemnation and calls for an easing of political tensions. “A lot happened yesterday,” Tusk said in a post on X accompanied by a screenshot of a comment, also on X, that read: “today, the Slovaks gave us an example of what should be done with Donald Tusk.” if it decides not to continue investing in a major airport in central Poland. The political atmosphere in Poland has remained tense in recent years, resulting for example in the 2019 assassination of a liberal mayor of the city of Gdansk, who was a critic of anti-immigration policies […]
Source: News Beast

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