Through tears, their parents give them the university degree in the tianguis where they work

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Throughout our lives, we live very special moments, but, without doing less other experiences, there are some that are crowned as the most anticipated and rewarding. For example, completing higher education. This experience is easily one of the best, as we all know the amount of care and effort that goes into a university degree.

That is why we totally understand the young woman who went viral in TikTok for thanking her parents for all the support they gave her to fulfill her long-awaited dream of being called a “licenciada”. For this, she did not hesitate to take her title to the street market where they both work, at which time we all get a lump in our throats due to the emotional reaction of the girl’s parents.

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Young man takes his university degree to his parents' tianguis

Brenda Homero Soto, the new professional, graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in Mexico City, shares with us that her mother and father have worked all their lives as merchants, selling homemade food and vegetables, respectively, for what he is aware that his studies were not an easy thing, that is why he mentions the following in his video:

Thanks to their honest jobs we never lacked for anything and I was able to finish my degree.


They are my everything. I wish they never miss me 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #potatoes #graduation #Title #unam #fyp #trending #viral

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Brenda managed to tear us up a few tears, because from the beginning of the video she looks totally happy celebrating with her partner, but the truly emotional part comes when the new lawyer appears at the tianguis and hands the mysterious envelope to her father, who immediately opens the package and share with his wife the tender moment.

A few curious eyes join the celebration, which do not hide the happiness that the situation also causes them. Without fear of being wrong, they are surely people who saw the young woman grow, because this type of business manages to unite everyone as a great family.

Young man takes his university degree to his parents' tianguis

The clip went viral very quickly and so far continues to add views, in fact, it is very close to reaching half a million views. On the side of her comments, we can see that Brenda’s followers and other people have come to congratulate her and recognize her nice gesture that she had with her parents:

‘Congratulations, and how emotional you recognize who promoted you, some think that they achieved it alone’; ‘I owe my profession and my entire life to my dad’s taxi and my mom’s herb stand, which is in heaven’; ‘Friend, I cried. Congratulations on the title and your parents. Much success’.

Source: Okchicas

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