Generation Z brings healthy provocation to the job market, says expert

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Several studies and surveys reveal that the new Gen Z professionals — those born between 1995 and 2015 — have a new way of looking at work, preferring to invest more in their well-being than in their careers.

Furthermore, for them, flexibility is more important than salary, when compared to Millennials, or Generation Y — those born between 1980 and 1994. At the same time, they suffer from financial stress and anxiety, and 40% plan to leave their jobs in, maximum 2 years.

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To talk about the dilemmas and challenges of the new generations in the job market, the CNN Our World this Saturday (12) receives Alexandre Pellaes, master in work psychology from USP.

“Generation Z brings a very healthy provocation to previous generations, to propose a different rhythm for work”, highlights the specialist.

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“She arrives at work already thinking about quality of life and impact, skipping steps that other generations had to go through to be able to think about it”, he added, also pointing out new dynamics for companies and the responsibility in the mental health discussion.

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(published by Tiago Tortella, from CNN 🇧🇷

Source: CNN Brasil

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