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Thunderbolt 5 likely to deliver 80 Gbps

The announcement of the Thunderbolt 4 interface last summer clearly disappointed many. The speed has not increased relative to Thunderbolt 3, and in general there have been very few changes.

Thus, at the moment Thunderbolt 4 offers speeds of 40 Gb / s, and USB 3.2 in the latest iteration – 20 Gb / s. That is, the difference, although half, is still much less than it was at the time. In addition, Thunderbolt itself is not always implemented with all lines, and the speed can be the same 20 Gb / s or even less.

Thunderbolt 5 likely to deliver 80 Gbps

One would think that Intel has decided to slowly abandon its development, but no. An Intel spokesman confirmed that development for the next generation Thunderbolt is already underway and that the company aims to increase data transfer speeds. Moreover, he clearly hinted at doubling the speed, that is, Thunderbolt 5 (the name is conjectural) will be able to provide speeds of incredible 80 Gbps. At the same time, we recall that USB4 will be characterized by a speed of 40 Gb / s. That is, the difference will be doubled, but in absolute terms there will be a gap between the interfaces. It’s also worth adding that Thunderbolt 5 will retain the USB-C port. However, when the new interface will hit the market is completely unclear.


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