TikTok Generation: Chef Nero

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1- Hello! Introduce yourself for us!
Bye! I am Chef Nero, a 23 year old boy born with a passion for cooking. From an early age, I was always submerged in pans and in the kitchen I experimented with everything. My dream is to grow more and more and become one of the best chefs.

2- How do you express your creativity on TikTok?
TikTok allows you to express all your creativity in a beautiful and genuine way. I started making videos in quarantine because I felt very lonely and from there I discovered a second family. I express my creativity by experimenting in the kitchen, inventing new recipes and using the criticisms of those who follow me to improve myself.

3- What video did you most enjoy making?
Without a doubt the home made cotton candy machine: I had a lot of fun! Immediately after is the homemade Coca-Cola.

4- What are your favorite effects?
I don’t use effects, just a few filters every now and then.

5- Music: Italian or foreign?
For my TikTok videos I prefer background melodies or mostly foreign songs.

6- What do you watch on TikTok: do you have favorite accounts?
Other cooking channels (for a change!) And some comedy profiles.

7- Can you give me some advice for making cool videos?
Being yourself and knowing how to take advantage of the right timing to make videos, as well as knowing how to create an innovative format that no one has ever done.

8- Where do you get inspiration for your videos from?
The process is very spontaneous, I have never prepared anything. Phone in hand and as if by magic I start recording. I am just myself.

9- One thing they don’t know about you?
Nobody knows that I don’t make videos for “popularity” but to always improve myself. What people see is not a character, but my way of being in real life as well.

10- What is your secret dream?
Having my own restaurant.

11- What does TikTok represent for you?
TikTok is authenticity, sincerity. Here the people are great and the exchange and support is mutual and real. This platform is synonymous with union, brotherhood and change; to me TikTok is like one of my best friends.


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