TikTok generation: Jessi and Alessio Pasini

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1- Hello! Introduce yourself for us!
Bye! Are Jessi e Alessio Pasini, Jessi she is American and grew up in Tennessee and I’m Italian, to be exact Friuli Venezia Giulia. We met in 2014 in New Orleans: since that moment we have never separated. Together, we have opened a business – we make flower arrangements for weddings.

2- How do you express your creativity on TikTok?
We like to tell the cultural differences between Italy e America.

3- What video did you most enjoy making?
Definitely the Jessi BOOTCAMP, or ‘training camp’. (it was good to torture Jessi! – he comments Alessio)

4- What are your favorite effects?
We don’t have one in particular.

5- Music: Italian or foreign?
When we work we listen to Italian and American songs, a mix between the hits of the 60s and the current ones.

6- What do you watch on TikTok: do you have any favorite accounts?
I really like @costiconamayor – a couple of dancers; Jessi instead she prefers fashion videos, house and decor and… about cats!

7- Give us some advice for making cool videos
Don’t try to make the perfect video, be spontaneous or risk missing out on all the fun.

8- Where do you get inspiration for your videos from?
From everyday life.

9- One thing they don’t know about you?
I left for the United States without knowing a word of English and I got to know Jessi after 6 months of my American adventure. But even then I didn’t know how to speak! We met on a movie set and started communicating using Google Translate… And so it was for another four months.

The language barriers, however, have never stopped us. We worked together in films for about another year and then decided to leave this field and build a more solid future. We continued this choice even when they called me as a stand in di Tom Cruise: I would never have worked without it Jessi by my side.

10- What is your secret dream?
We have many dreams, big and small, like seeing an American buffalo live or coming back to again Roma per Jessi – on the other hand, he also threw the coin in the fountain of Trevi… It has to happen! A great dream would be to spend six months in Italy and six months in America in the same year, so that we can spend more time with both of our families. Dreams are many, but we also want to focus on living our present.

11- What does TikTok represent for you?
For us TikTok it’s pure fun, for us and for those who watch us.


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