TikTok generation: Sofia Pannilini alias Zof

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1- Hello! Introduce yourself for us!
Hello! My name is Sofia Pannilini, ma su TikTok now they know me how Zof. I am 23 years old and I live nearby Milano. Travel and photography are my greatest passions and all my profiles are focused on this. In recent years I have had many experiences that have led me to discover the world: I worked as an animator in Minorca, come concierge a Mykonos, as an au pair in France, I also moved for two months a Miami… But the experience that made me grow most of all was working as a flight attendant for a year and a half. In life they are influencers and Content Creator in particular, I create travel-related content, travel advice and on all work and non-work experiences that can be done around the world. Besides that, I am getting very passionate about sports, especially extreme sports and music. I have always had the desire to learn to play an instrument, and for this reason, during the lockdown, I wanted to learn the basics of the piano and the ukulele.

2- How do you express your creativity on TikTok?
His TikTok I tell my travels and give advice on what to do and how to organize them. I often post informative videos and occasionally alternate them with some nice flight attendant situations or some videos with my family. I really care about my content and posting good videos. For me it is very important to inform and teach through my profile, but at the same time I try to do it in the most enjoyable and fun way possible.

3- What video did you most enjoy making?
I have a lot of fun making videos with my little brothers and I love putting on a wig or dressing oddly. If I had to choose one, I would tell you the one made with my brother in which you can see him imitating me.

@ zof But I’m a good sister I swear. ## little brother ## imitations ♬ original sound – Zof

4- What are your favorite effects?
A must in my videos is the “green screen”, it can never be missing.

5- Music: Italian or foreign?
Stranger, even if in reality I listen to a little bit of everything. My music playlists are very varied: I go from listening to decidedly tamarra music (in the car and strictly at full volume) to listening to romantic songs with slow melodies.

6- What do you watch on TikTok: do you have favorite accounts?
I usually watch comedy, cooking or photo editing videos. My TikToker favorites are @adrianathrr and @mattiastanga.

@zof Especially the last one.

7- Can you give me some advice for making cool videos?
The videos must be of quality and must have interesting and original content. If they are not spoken videos, good background music makes a difference, even better if the clips are to the beat of the music.

8- Where do you get inspiration for your videos from?
I really want to post content requested directly by my followers, but I also tell my experiences by taking inspiration from my travels, from what I have experienced or what I would like to do.

9- One thing they don’t know about you?
Every time I say I’m not a natural blonde, everyone gets blown away. I’m actually brown, but I’ve been lightening my hair for years.

10- What is your secret dream?
I have several dreams in the drawer: I would like to create my own brand, write a book and live full-time travel. Having become a lover of extreme sports, I would very much like to learn how to surf well and, why not, also take the patent to jump alone with a parachute. In addition to all this, my greatest desire is to live a peaceful and loving life with my boyfriend and to one day create a wonderful family.

@zofSu insta find all my travels: @instazof ✈️🌎 ## viaggioconzof ## travel ♬ Runaway (U & I) [Svidden & Jarly Remix] [Paper Towns Soundtrack Version] – Galantis

11- What does TikTok represent for you?
TikTok it allows me to feel like I am on stage with the microphone in hand every time I publish a video. It is wonderful to be able to reach thousands of people through this platform which, moreover, has allowed me not only to grow exponentially, but above all to create a community of people who share my same passions and desires.

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