Tim Cook announced that he is investing in cryptocurrency

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Apple CEO Tim Cook attended The New York Times’ annual DealBook Summit. During his conversation with journalist and columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, the head of the American company said that he had invested in cryptocurrency, stressing that we are talking about personal investments.

“I think it’s perfectly reasonable to own it (cryptocurrency – ed.) As part of a diversified investment portfolio. I was interested in this topic some time ago and have studied it. I think it’s interesting, ”said Tim Cook.

He also noted that he does not give investment advice to anyone. Cook did not specify in which cryptocurrencies he invested his money.

Despite the fact that Tim Cook invests personal funds in cryptocurrency, he is more cautious about Apple’s plans in the digital currency market. He ruled out the possibility of investing Apple’s free cash in cryptocurrency and said that in the near future, the company does not plan to accept digital currency as payment for its products. According to Cook, the cryptocurrency market is indeed of great interest, but it will take time for the virtual currency to enter the everyday life of ordinary people.

During the conversation, we also talked about other topics related to Apple. In particular, Tim Cook was asked about his attitude to the high-profile litigation with Epic Games and the requirement to provide users with the ability to install applications on the iPhone from third-party sources, bypassing the App Store. He said Apple’s current approach is ideal for keeping users safe. Cook compared downloading third-party software to selling a car without seat belts or airbags, noting that users can always opt for an Android smartphone.

“If you want to download unofficial apps and if it’s so important to you, then you can buy an Android smartphone. It’s too risky. It wouldn’t be an iPhone if it didn’t provide maximum security and privacy, ”Cook emphasized, once again demonstrating that he is categorically opposed to installing programs outside the App Store on Apple mobile devices.

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