Tokyo 2020: where to see the Olympics on TV and in streaming

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It had to be Tokyo 2020, and even if the official name has not been changed, it will be Tokyo 2021. There had to be the public, and instead not only will there be no one to cheer them on, but the athletes will also be forced to reward themselves. Up for grabs are 1089 medals for 33 sports including novices climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing. Baseball and softball are back among the disciplines of Olympic Games.

Timetables are complex. Between Italy and Japan there are 7 hours of time zone. The competitions start from midnight Italian to arrive at about three in the afternoon.

Despite the obvious difficulties (including Covid), they will always be fascinating Olympics, full of emotions, all to be followed. To do this, never as this time will you be able to take advantage of a really wide bouquet of offers, including TV and streaming platforms.

In order not to miss even a second you will need to have Discovery, which will cover all 48 disciplines and all 339 scheduled events, fielding up to 30 channels simultaneously for a total of over 3,000 hours. Coverage will also be full for Eurosport Player subscribers.

With Discovery it will be a bit like being in Tokyo, in addition to watching all the races, in fact, it will be possible to listen to many interviews with athletes and professionals. The platform will broadcast in the 17 days of competition, up to 30 channels simultaneously dedicated to all 48 disciplines and all 339 scheduled events, from the beginning to the end of the awards ceremony, without interruptions.

Total and continuous coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on the website and on the Eurosport app where you can find all the updates in real time, insights, highlights of the main events in Italian, exclusive interviews from Casa Italia.

The offer is for a fee. Those who register from July 19 to August 1 (by downloading the app on all major stores or by visiting, will have three days for free, in addition to the monthly subscription, can choose to subscribe for 12 months for a total of 29.99 euros.

The Rai will cover Tokyo 2020 with two hundred hours of broadcast. They are the only ones in the clear. The network used is Rai 2 which will replicate the most important events of the day every day from 5:25 pm to 8:30 pm. However, they cannot be broadcast in streaming.

Partner of Discovery and Official Mobile Broadcaster of the Olympic Games, Tim is at the start with a dedicated App: Tokyo 2020 – TEAM. Downloadable for free, it will allow you to access many multimedia contents. Using TimVision Box, in fact, you will be able to enjoy the races in 4K, thus seeing them better than live.

By purchasing a subscription to Amazon Prime Video it will be possible to follow all 3,000 hours of programming. For customers of DAZN it will not be possible to see everything, but only a summary of the main events using the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels. For users Fastweb the Olympic Games will be offered free of charge thanks to an agreement reached with Discovery. The agreement includes 3 months of Discovery + for all fiber and mobile subscribers.

If you really won’t be able to see all the races, at least let yourself be free on August 2nd, because it will be a very important day. In fact, 26 events will be scheduled, including the women’s marathon, the men’s and women’s gymnastics finals, the men’s tennis final and the legendary men’s 100 meters flat.

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