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Tomaso Trussardi, the selfie with Marica Pellegrinelli (and the alleged little arrow)

Many guests, one giant candle and a cryptic message. Tomaso Trussardi celebrated its 39th birthday participating in Good Morning Milana charity dinner in research support. With him, at the charity event, there were many friends and girlfriends, including Elisabetta Franchi, Melissa Satta And Marica Pellegrinelli. Just with the ex-wife of Eros Ramazzottithe birthday boy clicked a selfie which has attracted the spotlight of gossip.

“It is my Er”, it is the joking caption written by the manager of the famous fashion house. She, to date, is happy and in love alongside the new boyfriend, the deejay William Djokobut on social media there are still those who read that shot as a hypothetical (and ironic) answer to the kiss on the lips that Eros gave to his ex-wife Michelle Hunziker during an episode of his show, Michelle Impossiblea few weeks later the break with Trussardi.

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We are in the universe of conditionals, obviously. On the other hand, it is certain that on the social pages of the Swiss presenter did not appear public wishes for the ex-partner, neither in the feed nor in the stories: he, last January, despite the separation, he had dedicated a tender message to Michelle, defining her “An extraordinary woman”. We do not know if the two have heard in private, but a sentence by Trussardi has the flavor of dig.

“Thank you all for your good wishes, even to those who have forgotten about it», We read in a story in front of a small cake. Now, what Michelle has forgotten is frankly very unlikely: therefore, either the entrepreneur was expecting one dedicates social – in the wake of what he did three months ago – or the mysterious provocation had other recipients. Or perhaps – hypothesis not to be discarded – it was simply a joke way of saying with no other purpose.

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