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Tommaso Zorzi in hospital for circumcision

«Officially circumcised»: Tommaso Zorzi uses the aubergine emoticon and a lot of self-irony to share the operation he underwent in the past few hours on Instagram with his almost 2 million followers. A few minutes before entering the operating room, he filmed a video in which he hums and says: “I love … I’m full, full.”

As soon as he finished the intervention, he reassured the fans in the feed: «I wanted to tell you that everything went fine and that I wish the effect of this morphine would never end.’ Lots of speedy recovery messages, as well as some comments from those who didn’t quite understand the situation and that the influencer placed amidst great laughs. In fact, one user writes: «Incredible! How do you remove a part of your body? It’s something I can’t understand…” When another follower explains that circumcision takes place not only for religious reasons but also for medical reasons, then the first one specifies: “I thought he had removed everything”.

A few hours later, Tommaso Zorzi in a new video says: «I recovered from the effect of sedation. In the end I did it under local anesthesia but they sedated me because it was a slightly more complicated operation than expected in the sense that I’ve been putting it off for years and therefore if I had done it ten years ago it would have been simpler». The following images are commented with a: «I’ve been with a pack of ice for three hours on the penis», and then continue with the same home anti-swelling remedy (with a package of frozen zucchini).

The next image, under the notes by Like a virgin by Madonna, portrays the two post-op tips, including rest and «abstention from sexual activity for 40 days», which once again arouses Zorzi’s irony: «There is no tripe for cats». The reference is to the alleged gossip after the breakup with the dancer Tommaso Stanzani and the first gossip about a new flirt.

In the meantime, today November 17th the fifth episode of Drag Race Italy 2the Discovery+ program that sees ten drag queens compete against each other: Zorzi is one of the judges together with Priscilla and Chiara Francini and it comes into play in different ways. In fact, on the show she conducted the Snatch Game, an imitation competition between the competitors, and in each appointment she comments above all on the looks of the protagonists, always trying to alternate constructive criticism with shrewd digs. In today’s episode he is joined by guest judges Nick Cerioni (stylist of Maneskin, Laura Pausini and his colleague Priscilla) and the dancer Vito Coppola, already known to the TV audience.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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