Tommy Shelby Returns! The sixth season of ‘Peaky Blinders’ already has an official trailer and is everything we can wish for

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Peaky Blinders It is one of the most iconic series in the UK and around the world. His permanence on the small screen is as incredible as its plot and the histrionics of its actors. Sadly, nothing is everlasting and, like many of his fans they expected (but did not wish), the show it is getting closer to its end.

This is confirmed by the BBC when launching the trailer for the sixth and final season of the series, in which we can see an uncertain future for Thomas Shelby, who will have to deal with the imminent threat of the Nazis in the 30s and the apparent betrayal of some members of his family.

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Recall that the fifth season concludes with Tommy Shelby on the brink of insanity, still dealing with the post-traumatic stress of the war, the grief over the loss of his wife, the company’s business and his new activity as a parliamentarian in the House of Los Angeles. London Commons.

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For this sixth season, the BBC lets us see Thomas firing a gun in the middle of a field, Arthur wounded and with a message on his chest written in blood and Michael totally disconnected from the Shelby, attacking the gypsy camp and surrounded by Mafia.

It is worth mentioning that the story of the Shelby will come to an end in series format with this sixth season, but the producer has spoken about the possibility of developing a film in 2023 to give an end to the plot.

What is not yet known is the exact date when this last season will be released. However, it is a fact that it will be a success and that the Shelbys will do whatever it takes to maintain their legacy.

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