Tony Blair: The West must prepare for the threat of bioterrorism

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The Islamist threat remains a “front-line” security issue and the West should prepare for the possible use of biological weapons by extremist organizations, the former British Prime Minister said on Monday (6/9). Tony Blair.

As broadcast by APE BPE, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last month as US troops withdrew from the country after 20 years of war and Britain fears the movement’s return to power and the security vacuum caused by the chaotic withdrawal of Western forces will allow its armed forces Al Qaeda and his Islamic State (ISIS) to establish themselves in the region.

“Islam, both ideology and violence, is a front-line security threat and – if left unchecked – will come to us, even if it is centered away from us, as shown by the September 11th“, He said in a speech to the think tank” RUSI “, the oldest think tank for security and defense, on the occasion of 20th anniversary from terrorist attacks in the US.

“THE COVID-19“, He continued,” he has taught us about lethal pathogens. The possibilities of bioterrorism seem to belong to the realm of science fiction. But it would be prudent of us to prepare now for its possible use by non-governmental players “.

The former prime minister, who sent British troops to Afghanistan in 2001, also said that with limited intent for US military involvement, Britain would need to work more closely with European countries on how to best develop its threat-fighting capabilities in areas such as the African Sahel.

“Counterterrorism alone will not remove an established threat. We need some boots on the ground. “Of course our preference is for the boots to be local, but that will not always be possible.”

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