Top 10: the true style icons of the TV series of yesterday and today

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Fashion – and trends – today are also made on TV. It is not only the unforgettable protagonists of the cinematographic masterpieces of the great masters of the seventh art who have the strength to enter the collective memory, influencing the style of entire generations of women and men, from the legendary one Breakfast at Tiffany’s onwards and from that inimitable Jim Stark of Wasted Youth forward.
TV series have long earned their deserved place in the sun, and thanks to their incomparable pervasiveness they have managed to create new icons of fashion and costume, appreciated, loved, studied and emulated at every latitude and longitude. The most planetary famous of all? Without a doubt the Carrie (and the surname is superfluous, almost as much as the identity of the actress who plays her: Sarah Jessica Parker) by Sex and The City, which is preparing, after a long and painful absence, to plunge back on TV with the sequel of the cult series, her usual friends (almost all of them) and suitcases on suitcases with brand new looks to show off. But there is not – and above all there has not been – only her.
We have done a jump back in more or less recent memory, and we chose ours 10 favorite serial tv fashion gurus. Ma nDo not expect only absolute protagonists, series with millions of viewers, or news of the last few months.
Because to enter the legend – at least on TV – even just a couple of very right looks can be enough.


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