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Traffickers land plane loaded with cocaine on singer Leonardo’s farm

An unidentified plane loaded with approximately 420 kilos of cocaine-based paste landed at a property owned by country singer Leonardo in the municipality of Jussara, Goiás, on Friday afternoon (10).

The property’s security team called the Military Police upon noticing the unauthorized arrival of the aircraft. However, before the authorities intervened, drug traffickers unloaded the drugs from the plane and transferred them to a car, which fled to a neighboring town.

Shortly afterwards, Military Police vehicles intercepted the vehicle transporting the drugs, at an intersection that gives access to the municipality of Santa Fé de Goiás. There was a confrontation, which ended with two suspects being shot.

According to the Military Police, the suspects were taken to the Jussara Municipal Hospital. One of them fled to the forest region, according to the PM. In addition to the drugs seized, two revolvers, the car used for transportation and radio communicators were seized.

“Leonardo is perplexed”

When contacted to comment on the case, the singer’s advisors reported that he already knows and is “perplexed”. Leonardo is on tour with other country singers on a ship on the high seas, the spokesperson added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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