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Tragedy in Austria: Five-year-old boy buried alive due to landslide

Two boys, aged 5 and 7, were swept away by a landslide near the city of Graz, Austria, resulting in the tragic death of the five-year-old and the recovery of his seven-year-old brother with injuries. On Wednesday afternoon, the two brothers were with their mother and two friends on a road, at the edge of a forest, when the landslide occurred. The ground had been eroded due to the heavy rains that had preceded it in recent weeks. The two brothers were swept away by “about 100 cubic meters of soil,” according to the Austrian police press release. Despite the use of drones and specially trained dogs, only the 7-year-old was located in time and rescued. His younger brother was recovered dead. A few days ago, a 77-year-old pensioner died due to the floods that affected a large part of Austria. “The climate crisis is here, we are feeling its effects which are becoming more and more serious,” commented Environment Minister Leonore Gevesler to the Austrian News Agency (APA). Source: APE
Source: News Beast

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