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Tragedy in Brazil: 2-year-old boy dies after school driver forgets him in back seat in heatwave

One met a tragic death a child of only 2 years after being stuck on a school bus for 8 hours during a heatwave in Brazil. The temperature on that particular day reached 37 degrees, and the child died because the driver allegedly “forgot” him on the back of it school in Sao Paulo.

The child’s tragic mother Kaliane Rodrigues said her son Apollo Gabriel Rodrigues was crying as he boarded the vehicle in the morning because he “didn’t want to go” that day. He was the only one of the children who remained on the bus after he was allegedly forgotten by the guide and his wife who works as a passenger.

Child’s heartbroken mother calls for ‘justice’

Devastated Kaliane said: “Whenever I came home, my boyfriend was always there. Yesterday was not and I am not going to see my son again. It is very hard to think that I left it child me on a school bus thinking it would be safe and I went to work. I want justice. All I want is justice.”

The child’s grandmother said: “The minibus was left in a parking lot in stifling heat. The driver realized my grandson was still behind when it was time to return the children to their families. Any taking care of children should have maximum responsibility. My daughter wants justice,” she says Mirror.

The driver found the child dead in his seat

The 45-year-old driver, Flavio Robson Benes, found the child unconscious in the back seat of the vehicle at about 4pm on November 4 and rushed him to hospital, but it was found that death of shortly after arrival. He and his partner – 44-year-old Luciana Coelho Graft – were questioned by police as part of an ongoing homicide investigation.

Source: News Beast

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