Tragedy in Mariupoli: People die from lack of medicine

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In the Donetsk region which is under the control of the Russian troops its inhabitants Mariupoli are dying from a lack of medicine, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports, citing a statement from the Mariupol City Council and Mayor Vadim Boychenko.

The inhabitants of the occupied Mariupoli are dying from the lack of medicine. In the city, there are shortages of medicines for cancer patients, diabetics, tuberculosis and pancreatic diseases,” the announcement states.

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According to Boychenko and as relayed by the Athens News Agency, these people are in the danger zone and cannot wait for the invaders to bring medicine, their lives are in danger. For more than two months the Russians and their collaborators, the self-proclaimed authorities of Mariupol, they block the inhabitants’ normal access to drinking water, to the sufficiency of goods and medicines.

The healthy athlete who was amputated

βομβαρδισμένο κτίριο στη Μαριούποληβομβαρδισμένο κτίριο στη Μαριούποληbombed building in Mariupoli
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“Yesterday, a healthy athlete, with a height of two meters and a weight of 120 kilograms, had both his legs amputated. After the stress he experienced due to hostilities, he had an insulin crisis. Due to the lack of necessary medicines in the city and medical care he became an invalid. And this is not a rare occurrence. Instead of providing him with proper medication, his limbs were amputated. ‘Swift decisions’ which maim and kill the residents of Mariupli,” Boychenko wrote.

The city is almost destroyed, experiencing one of the largest humanitarian disasters

Κατεστραμμένο παιδιατρικό νοσοκομείο από βομβαρδισμό στη ΜαριούποληΚατεστραμμένο παιδιατρικό νοσοκομείο από βομβαρδισμό στη ΜαριούποληDamaged pediatric hospital by bombing in Mariupoli

He appealed to the international community to assess the humanitarian disaster in the city and the genocide of the residents, stressing thateverything must be done to help the residents of Mariupol.

The city of Mariupol as it is known has been almost destroyed, experiencing one of the biggest humanitarian disasters. In Mariupoli there are problems with electricity, water and natural gas supply. Since the start of the Russian invasion of the city, approximately 22,000 residents have been killed. More than 50,000 have been displaced in Russia and the occupied territories of the Donetsk region.

At the moment, more than 100,000 inhabitants live in the city, in conditions of ecological disaster while their lives are threatened by the outbreak of infectious diseases.

Source: News Beast

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