Traveling by air taxi can be cheaper than calling an Uber Black, says Deloitte

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Traveling with air taxis can be cheaper than premium travel on private transport apps, points out a recent study by Deloitte global.

The company calculates that, while a ride with a regular app car is estimated at US$ 55 for 66 minutes, the value of the service with a premium vehicle would be US$ 104.50. With an air taxi, the same journey would cost US$75, in addition to taking only 15 minutes.

The simulation considers the prices charged by Uber and Lytft companies in the US, with the average standard price of US$ 2 for every 1.6 km driven. The average price of the premium service, offered by Uber under the name Uber Black, for example, is around US$ 3.80, for the same mileage.

The study also mentions a possible reduction in the price per passenger seat of air taxis by about 8% in five years, due to the increase in the fleet and greater demand from people. In addition, it points out that the price per seat should be lower for longer routes (between cities).

“A lower price per seat over time would likely create more demand because consumer willingness to pay for faster transportation is expected to be one of the key factors driving air taxi adoption.”

The company also expects the advanced air mobility industry to “mature quickly” by providing fast and cost-effective short-haul air travel.

Another point pointed out by the study is that, while the land vehicle generates around 10.45 kilograms of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the air taxi has zero emissions of pollutants.

To maintain the high level of competitiveness of air taxis, however, Deloitte says that 100% passenger occupancy would be necessary, which is not necessarily the case with plane trips, for example.

“The mode of transport may present an alternative to the premium taxi market for some trips due to the willingness of passengers to pay for time and could be positioned as a luxury mode of transport,” he says.

The company’s expectation is that the means of transport will be in operation in the next 10 years.

Source: CNN Brasil

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