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Treviso, model Sara Pegoraro died: “Possible overdose”

It will be the autopsy to clarify the cause of death of Sara Pegoraro, a model from Treviso, just 26 years old, even if, so far, the most accredited hypothesis is that of an overdose or a mix of drugs. The young woman’s body was found by her mother in the bathroom of the house where they lived together in Villorba, in the province of Treviso.

Already in the past, the model – passionate about travel, tattoos and motorcycles, with an Instagram profile of almost 16 thousand followers – had had problems with drugs, and only the night before her death was she saved from another overdose: after feeling ill, she had ended up in a ditch at the exit of a supermarket. A couple of months ago she had gotten involved in a car accident and had been admitted to the Modena hospital. On June 17, another accident, in Bologna. In a message to her best friend, reported by Corriere della SeraSara had written: «Please help me, I want to get out».

The Treviso Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file for death as a result of another crime and ordered the autopsy: the investigations aim to clarify if the drug had been badly cut and to identify who sold the fatal dose to Sara Pegoraro.

A blood test was also ordered to determine the type and quantity of the substance taken by the young woman. The Treviso carabinieri are reconstructing the girl’s last movements and her contacts, to get to the pusher or whoever passed the lethal substances to her.

Source: Vanity Fair

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