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Truck is “melted” after being struck by lightning in Goiás

The panel of a truck “melted” after the vehicle was struck by lightning on BR-020, in the northeast of Goiás. The driver did not get hurt.

THE CNN talked to Josimar, a mechanic and friend of the car’s owner, who was called as soon as the incident happened.

According to him, the case occurred on the afternoon of Friday (20), around 13:30 [horário de Brasília].

“My friend was coming from the Simolândia region and heard a very loud noise. He felt that the truck turned off and the dashboard, horn, windshield wiper went out of order, everything in the electric part of the truck, ”he said.

Soon after, he would have pulled to the side of the road, noticed that there were smoke signals and got out of the vehicle.

“The fire began to spread inside the truck through the truck’s electrical circuit. As he was struck by lightning and the truck was closed, the fire soon broke out”.

“The truck had a complete breakdown, due to the lightning having a very, very large, very strong discharge and it compromised the entire electrical system of the truck, the entire part of the harness melted the panel, the steering wheel there, the seat, the roof of the truck, part of the Lining on the driver’s side there, too, he was burned,” he explained.

According to Josimar, the friend left without any injuries: “he just had a scare and he’s fine, thank God”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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