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Trump asked lawyer to lie about documents, says indictment

Prosecutors allege that former President Donald Trump took several steps to obstruct the investigation into the handling of classified documents, according to the federal indictment unveiled on Friday.

Trump told his lawyer to tell the Justice Department that he did not have the documents requested by the subpoena, prosecutors say in the indictment.

Furthermore, he claims, Trump instructed his adviser Walt Nauta to move documents to hide them from Trump’s own lawyers and FBI agents, and even suggested his lawyer “hide or destroy the documents” requested by the subpoena.

“The purpose of the conspiracy was for Trump to keep confidential documents that he had taken from the White House and hide and conceal them from a federal grand jury,” the indictment read.

Donald Trump’s defense has been formally informed by the US Department of Justice of the fact that the former US president is the subject of a federal investigation into the misuse of confidential documents, the CNN sources familiar with the case.

The court notification is a strong indication that Trump may be formally charged by the courts for having taken confidential documents from the White House to the resort of Mar-a-Lago, the luxury property of the businessman in the state of Florida.

The case began to unfold in early 2022, when the body responsible for handling White House documents called the Department of Justice after realizing that, after leaving the presidency, Trump returned boxes with some classified documents to the State. as confidential.

Source: CNN Brasil

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