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Trump is “nailed” by Michael Cohen who… once “would eat a bullet for his sake”

In Donald Trump's trial with Stormy Daniels, the ex-associate and lawyer of the former US president, Michael Cohen, testified, stating that they had agreed to take on “special jobs”, in case someone tried to damage Trump's profile. According to Reuters, Cohen said that in 2016, Trump was afraid that during his election campaign, various stories about extramarital affairs would break out. So he reportedly tasked Cohen and David Packer, then editor of the National Enquirer, with suppressing those stories. Cohen would track down the women and pay them for their silence, while Peker would approach the media that owned the story. “There will be a lot of women showing up. I want you to be alert,” Trump reportedly told Cohen and Packer, according to the latter's court testimony. It is noted that Cohen officially assumed the duties of Trump's personal lawyer after the presidential campaign began […]
Source: News Beast

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