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Trump seeks vice president who will submit and not get in his way, professor tells CNN

In an interview with CNN 360° On Tuesday (9), Carlos Gustavo Poggio, professor at Berea College, stated that, unlike usual, former president Donald Trump is not looking for a vice president to balance his ticket, but someone who will not get in his way and will be submissive to him.

Loyalty to Trump is a priority

According to Poggio, Trump’s priority is to have a vice president who will “put his head down” and do whatever he wants, without independence. The potential candidates are competing to show who is most loyal to the former president, repeating his talking points, such as the unfounded claim of widespread voter fraud.

“What we have seen is a dispute over loyalty to Trump, which is a symptom of his candidacy, which is a very personalistic candidacy,” said the professor.

Vice President could be a springboard for Trump’s succession

With Trump unable to run again after a possible second term, Poggio said the vice-presidential role could be a “stepping stone” for the former president’s succession in the Republican Party. However, he noted that vice presidents historically do not win presidential elections.

“It will certainly be a very tough contest. There is no doubt that whoever stands as vice president will present themselves as the heir to Trumpism,” said the expert.

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(Published by Raphael Bueno, from CNN Brasil)

Source: CNN Brasil

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