TSE minister releases photo of candidate in ballot box with cap

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Minister Sergio Banhos, of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), accepted an appeal and authorized the candidate for federal deputy for São Paulo Douglas Elias Belchior to wear a cap characteristic of his sociocultural identity in the electronic ballot box.

According to the lawsuit, the Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo, although it granted the registration of his candidacy for the position, did not accept the photograph initially presented.

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In the decision, the minister stated that there is a TSE rule that restricts the use of scenic elements and other adornments, especially in cases where the accessories induce or make it difficult for voters to recognize the candidate or have electoral propaganda connotations, which is not this is the case with cars.

“The use of the cap by the candidate, in this specific case, does not hinder the visualization of his face or make it difficult for voters to recognize him, which, in prefacial analysis, meets the requirements of the rule contained in the device”, he said.

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The minister also said that the use of the accessory by the candidate is relevant, since “who is of Afro-descendant origin and is engaged in the rapper culture, and is directly linked to his own image before the electorate, which, in principle, can be considered ethnic and cultural element, which fits the legal permissive”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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