Tsunami hits islands of Tonga and American Samoa after volcanic eruption

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Tsunami waves were observed on the islands of Tonga and American Samoa this Saturday (15) after the eruption of a submarine volcano in peaceful South. The volcano erupted in a violent eruption on Saturday, sending a plume of ash and gas vapor into.

THE volcano Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai, located 65 kilometers from the capital of Tonga, erupted for the first time on Friday (14), sending a plume of ash 20 kilometers into the air, according to Radio New. Zealand (RNZ), an affiliate of CNN.

A second eruption occurred on Saturday at 5:26 pm local time, RNZ reported. Satellite images show a huge ash plume and shock waves spreading from the eruption.

Tsunami waves measuring 83 centimeters were observed by meters in the Tongan capital, and 60 centimeters in Pago Pago, capital of American Samoa, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Waves caused by the eruption crossed the coast of Tonga’s capital Nuku’alofa, flowing into coastal roads and flooding properties, according to RNZ.

In addition to the tsunami warning, the Tonga Weather Services issued warnings for heavy rains, flash floods and strong winds on coastal lands and waters.

The neighboring island of Fiji also issued a public notice urging people living in low-lying coastal areas to “move to safety in anticipation of strong currents and dangerous waves”.

So far, no alert has been issued for the territories of Australia and yes New Zealand, according to the monitoring agency.

A previous tsunami warning issued for American Samoa was even canceled, according to the NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The volcano had been active since December 20, but was declared inactive on January 11, according to RNZ.

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