Tunisia: Four dead after shipwreck with migrants – Search for 11 missing continues

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There are four migrants who drowned after the shipwreck that transported migrants off the city of Sfax in Tunisia as announced by the country’s port.

All the passengers on the ships were Tunisians and a girl was among the victims. At the same time, the investigations for the 11 missing persons continue.

“The boat had left the Tunisian coast and sank Wednesday night through the Kerken Islands off Tunisia, the second largest city in Tunisia,” said Hussein Edin Jebabli, a spokesman for the port. .

“According to testimonies, 32 people were on board Immigrants, all Tunisians. “We saved 21 and very quickly located the first body”, he clarified.

Since then, the port “has retrieved three more bodies, including that of a girl”, aged about 10, according to local media in Sfax.

“Search operations to locate other survivors are ongoing,” the spokesman added.

More than 2,500 people have disappeared at sea trying to reach Europe in 2021

According to UN High Commissioner for Refugees for Refugees (UNCHR), more than 2,500 people disappeared at sea in 2021 trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean.

Of the more than 115,000 migrants who arrived in Europe last year, more than 20% came from Tunisia, a country that has seen stagnant growth for 10 years and where the unemployment rate has recently exceeded 18%, with young people reaching 41%. %.

The country, which was the cradle of the Arab Spring in 2011, is going through a serious political crisis following the decision of President Kais Sayed on July 25 to take over all power, ousting the then prime minister and freezing parliament.

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