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Turkey: Bakhtseli calls for termination of the agreement on the readmission of irregular immigrants with the EU

The president of the far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP) and government partner, Devlet Bakhceli, called for the termination of the Agreement on the Readmission of irregular immigrants with the EU. The leader of the MHR demanded the return of Syrian asylum seekers from Turkey and spoke of risks for the population balance, the ethnic composition and the future of the country. The relevant excerpt from Devlet Bakhceli’s speech at the meeting of the MHP Parliamentary Group is as follows: “The influx of immigrants and refugees is one of the most intense and burning problems, not only in Turkey, but also in our time and in the whole world . We are against the dangerous flows that will harm our demographic stability and our demographic future, we are completely against the human flows that will falsify our population balance, our ethnic composition and our existence in this geography. The voluntary, safe and dignified return of Syrian asylum seekers with temporary protection status to the country […]
Source: News Beast

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