Tweenage effect: pre-adolescence is in fashion

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We desperately need it. Of escapism, of taking refuge in dreamlike, imaginative and playful spaces in which to fill up on good vibes and look to the future with positivity. For this reason, especially in recent seasons, it has become increasingly popular in the wardrobe the trend of nostalgia. Today, more than ever, the 2000s are on the crest of the wave, and not by chance. A carefree, simpler and lighter era in which, looking at it with today’s filter, everything was bright, impalpable and colorful just like the butterflies that at the time raged on garments and accessories. Paradoxically, then, precisely from the youngest social network, TikTok, the #cottagecore, the trend on returning to the country life of the past, has taken hold, also reflected in the style.

But today we did a further upgrade e to unleash the nostalgia effect it is not a specific decade or a past epoch, but a specific phase of life: the preadolescenza, that suspended age, between 10 and 13 years, among the fantastic world of childhood and reality adolescence. A period of absolute transition. But perhaps this indeterminacy is one of the reasons that makes this phase so magical. We very strongly want to find that enthusiasm to let ourselves go, to change, to get involved. And this we have already noticed on Instagram since last summer when the feeds were full of posts from it-girl matte for pastel-colored clothespins covered with rhinestones, anklets with hearts, multicolor chokers and phone strap, the beaded necklace for mobile phones worn indifferently by 20-year-olds like Gigi Hadid and 30 year olds like Chiara Ferragni.

E the tweenage effect on fashion it shows no sign of diminishing. Also for this Autumn / Winter space in the wardrobe for colorful dresses in pastel shades, bows, hearts in profusion, sweaters and sweatshirts on which the evergreen idols of childhood from Mickey Mouse to the rainbows My Little Pony, without forgetting a pair of shoes of paint or glitter. The teddy bear rages from Marc Jacobs a Moschino and also Guess makes him the protagonist of a capsule with playful and relaxed tones, with the GUESS x Originals Bear Fall 2021 collection for him and her inspired by the brand’s original bear, a design introduced in the mid-80s.

Collezione GUESS Originals Bear Fall 2021

In short, leaders who would like a lot to Lily, one of the most loved protagonists of Sex Education, Netflix’s cult TV series, which does not go unnoticed thanks to its sugary but strongly identifying style.

Lily/Tanya Reynolds e Ola/Patricia Allison in Sex Education

And it will perhaps be a coincidence that Harry Styles, king of genderless fashion, both dressed up for a concert at Madison Square Garden in Dorothy de style The Wizard of Oz with a bow in her hair, a vichy checked dress and the famous red shoes studded with glitter? In a Gucci version, it launched a clear message: fashion is much more fun when you go beyond the labels of “masculine” and “feminine”.

The preadolescenza that flows into childhood is a trend-à-porter that shows no sign of fading even next season. Word of Jeremy Scott who has at the Moschino show Spring / Summer 2022 brought a pop scene with a childish aesthetic to the catwalk. Dresses in colors reminiscent of marshmellow and animals become the protagonists on the garments, from bears playing with kites, poodles with flower crowns and seals having fun with beach balls. Sheep plush bag, la clutch Feeding bottle and the clutch bag Toy Block. Let’s fun, in conclusion.

Moschino Spring / Summer 2022. Photo Gorunway

Courtesy Press Office

It is also underlined by science, moreover, that focusing on happier life experiences can create a new impetus to face the future and maybe rediscover ourselves with the same desire we had at 12 years old. In this, fashion really comes in handy.

In the gallery, shopping proposals from Eternal Campanellino for adults only.

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