Home Entertainment Tweeter wrote an emotional farewell message before losing the battle

Tweeter wrote an emotional farewell message before losing the battle

Tweeter wrote an emotional farewell message before losing the battle

Facing a disease that leads directly to death is not easy, especially when you lose and there is no remedy that can cure that disease. Faced with this type of case, we can only assimilate it, try to leave all our affairs in order and say goodbye to our loved ones.

Although goodbyes are always hard, there are people who are lucky enough to say goodbye to their family and friends before they die. However, there are those who cannot express it and decide to write their last words.

That was the case of this young tweeter, who after losing the battle against cancer, left an emotional farewell message on his Twitter before he died and went viral, touching the hearts of thousands of network users.

Is about Rodrigo Jisoa famous 37-year-old man in Twitter for his activism in defense of the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community, who through his social networks was recounting his process and the treatment he underwent during his fight against the hematological disease he suffered from.

At the end of April, the boy tested positive for covid-19, which is why he had to interrupt his treatment to recover from the virus. But after recovering from the coronavirus, on May 9, Rodrigo died of the cancer he suffered from.

However, he used Twitter to leave a farewell message to all the followers who had been attentive to his health during this painful process.

I asked to leave them a message. After a hard health battle I say goodbye to life to transcend, I came out victorious because love always wins. I was loved more than ever, the teaching is to live intensely today, trust and love, don’t wait for tomorrow. Remember me pretty.

Rodrigo’s emotional farewell words went viral on Twitter after his closest loved ones shared the message of peace and satisfaction with which the boy left this world.

In addition to his moving farewell, his family was in charge of sharing more messages written by Rodrigo and making his followers participate in his last goodbye, since after his farewell, they shared a video at his funeral in which, proud to have been a human rights defender, asked that his coffin be covered with a flag in the colors of the LGTBIQ+ community.

Another emotional detail that users on Twitter did not miss was the comment that shows a video in which Rodrigo says goodbye by making the shape of a heart with his hands, just before entering a hospital room.

The community on Twitter could not help but react to the moving story of Rodrigo Jisó, who even after losing his fight against his illness, left a great message and teaching to those who see his account, where they do not miss the opportunity to write their condolences and Thank you for sharing your process. Thanks for the message Rodrigo! Rest in peace.

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