Twenty looks from the Men’s Spring / Summer 2023 fashion shows that are also perfect for her

Twenty looks from the Men’s Spring / Summer 2023 fashion shows that are also perfect for her

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In 2022 genderless brands like Telfar indiscriminately like them while on TikTok the pants of the brand have gone viral Dickies, inspired by work models, loved by influencers and it-girls of all kinds and an example of how the limits of what is intended for those in terms of clothes are dissolving.

Emily Ratajkowski wears Dickies work pants. Getty photo


Just as dress codes get more and more confusing, too fashion is becoming no binary oriented. And when the rules are broken, nothing is more off limits.

The new course of the fashion system is particularly evident when it comes to observing the collections proposed during the fashion weeks. They could, of course, still technically be separated by gender, Woman and Man, (although many brands like Gucci or Jacquemus show men’s and women’s clothing together and others like Wales Bonner have done so starting this season), but really, what does it mean, anyway, to label? It is also interesting to note that some of the hottest menswear brands of the moment are designed and created by women, from Bianca Saunders to Bode to Martine Rose and Wales Bonner himself.

In any case, if theand latest menswear shows in London, Milan and Paris they showed us something on the runways, from languid silhouettes to hot details, from pastel color palettes to more romantic hints, is that everything is fine for anyone, no differences.

Like this, in the gallery, we have reported the 20 men’s looks Spring / Summer 2023 that can easily find a place in women’s wardrobes. Call them “boys borrowed clothes” if you like, but in reality they are really just clothes.

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