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Two more Democrats ask Biden to withdraw his candidacy in the US presidential election

Calls by Democratic members and Senators asking Joe Biden to withdraw his candidacy from the presidential race in the US are increasing every day. “For the good of the country,” Vermont Democratic Sen. Peter Wells on Wednesday became the first to bluntly call on US President Joe Biden to “withdraw from the race” for the White House, with an op-ed published by the newspaper Washington Post. “The latest data (including opinion polls) show that the political risk for the Democrats is escalating. States that were once our strongholds are now falling to the Republican side,” Mr. Wells warned. Later, veteran Democratic congressman Earl Blumenauer said in a statement yesterday that Joe Biden “should not” be the party’s candidate in the November US presidential election. He is the ninth member of the House of Representatives—the tenth member of Congress—who is a Democrat to publicly call on […]
Source: News Beast

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