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Two out of every three university students suffer from anxiety in Brazil, says research

Two in three Brazilian university students (65%) say they experience anxiety daily, according to a global survey carried out by Chegg.org, the non-profit arm of the educational technology company Chegg.

More than 11 thousand university students aged 18 to 21 were interviewed in 15 countries, including 1,010 students in Brazil.

The percentage of students who suffer from anxiety daily in Brazil is the second highest among the participating countries, behind only the United States (68%).

The majority of Brazilian students (59%) also stated that they did not sleep enough. And almost half (47%) said they were not able to maintain healthy habits, even though only 10% considered themselves to be maintaining unhealthy habits.

Among those interviewed, 34% of Brazilian students also said they had problems meeting new people and making new friends.

However, among all countries, Brazilian students were the least likely to report having suffered academic burnout, with just 15%. In South Korea, this percentage reaches 70%.

The survey also asked students whether they considered their country a good place to live, 66% of Brazilians said yes, 17% were indifferent and 17% responded no.

Desire for lower prices

The survey also highlights Brazilian students’ desire for lower tuition fees, with more than half (53%) agreeing that they would prefer their university to offer the option of more online classes if it meant paying cheaper tuition fees.

Furthermore, 58% of students also said they would prefer their university degree to be completed in less time, as long as it meant paying less for college.

Even so, 7 out of 10 Brazilians stated that they consider the money on their degree to be well spent.

Use of artificial intelligence in universities

The survey also asked university students about their use of artificial intelligence (AI) during their studies.

Four out of every ten students in the world declared using AI in their university studies. In Brazil, the percentage was even higher, at 52%.

Among the students who said they use artificial intelligence in Brazil, the main objectives are: understanding concepts or subjects (59%), generating drafts of work (53%) and researching content for work or projects (52%).

Brazilians’ main justifications for using the tool are: learning faster (53%), freeing up more free time (45%) and making more creative use of learning (44%).

Half of Brazilian students believe that universities should promote the use of artificial intelligence tools to help with their work. While 44% believe that its use should be limited, and only 7% think that the use of AI should be banned in universities.

Even in favor of its use, 48% of students who use AI in Brazil said they were worried about the possibility of receiving an incorrect answer or wrong information from the tools.

Source: CNN Brasil

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