UK announces new employment support measures for half a year Corona-damaged business owner support


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British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced on the 9th a new employment support plan for a period of 6 months. Support business owners who are unable to continue their business due to measures to control the spread of the new coronavirus.

Under the new support measures, the government will support up to two-thirds of employees’ salaries, up to £ 2,100 ($ 2,725) per month. Enforcement is from November 1st.

“We hope this measure will act as a safety net ahead of the expected winter,” said Finance Minister Snak.

Treasury sources estimate that new job support will cost hundreds of millions of pounds each month. It is expected to be used most by business owners in the entertainment industry.

Pubs and other businesses have been suspended in Wales and Scotland since the beginning of this month following the re-expansion of the new virus infection.

According to the British Bureau of Statistics (ONS), gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 2.1% month-on-month in August, and although the growth rate has been positive for four consecutive months, it is in the recovery phase from the new virus crisis. In addition to being the lowest level, it was well below the economist’s forecast (4.6%).

Source Reuters

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