UK: Countdown for comatose 12-year-old Archie to come off life support

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End of time for 12-year-old Archie in Britainas according to a decision of the Supreme Court, the child is about to graduate from engineering supportwhile at the same time the parents’ request to be transferred to a hospice for a “dignified” death was rejected.

According to theguardian.comthe child is in a coma since April 7because he suffered severe brain damageas based on his mother, suffered suffocation by participating in an online challenge.

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The 12 year old He is being treated at the Royal London Hospital and while doctors will take him off support, the parents have filed a request to take their son to a hospice so he can die “with dignity.”

12 year old Archie
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As Archie’s mother had stated, Holly Dance“a dignified death in a care facility” was all she could fight for after exhausting legal options to keep her son on life support.

But on Friday, the court refused to allow the 12-year-old to be transferred from the Royal London Hospital, ruling that the risks of transporting the 12-year-old were “great and unforeseeable”.

Source: News Beast

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