UK school canteens will be serving face biometrics lunches: parents agree

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The Financial Times, citing its sources, reports that nine public schools in North Ayrshire (Great Britain) have decided to introduce a special biometric face recognition system, which will function in canteens and cafeterias on the territory of educational institutions. The authors of this program believe that the use of automatic systems will significantly reduce the number of cases of physical contact during the coronavirus pandemic, which will have a positive effect on the health of students, plus the service process will also speed up.

In addition, and importantly, the school management officially announced that the new system will not violate student privacy – the hardware component will scan only the student who came up to dispense food or drinks, while all visitors will not be scanned without their permission and knowledge. CRB Cunningham, which is likely to manufacture the necessary biometric authentication hardware, has confirmed this information. In fact, the scanner will work in the same way as the PIN code on the terminal, only the student does not need to touch anything.

And the parents themselves, as it turned out, completely agree with the processing of their children’s data for the further operation of the automation – the members of the district council told the Financial Times that 97% of the parents of the above schools gave their go-ahead for the implementation of this program. So far, no one has named the exact timing of the launch of this technology, but, most likely, it will find its application outside educational institutions – the same ATMs can be significantly improved, saving users from the need to enter a PIN code on the terminal, which can potentially be a carrier of the virus. …

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