Ukraine: “The war will be over by the end of spring”, predicts the Deputy Minister of Defense

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Can the Ukraine to be under a lot of pressure ahead of winter, asking for the assistance of the European Union, but the country’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Major General A.A. Volodymyr Havrilov, predicts that the war will last until late spring.

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Regarding the possibility of a Russian nuclear attack, the Ukrainian general considers the possibility to be small, but added to Sky News: “Yes, it would be dramatic. For all it will be… God knows what scenario will unfold, but one [τακτικό πυρηνικό πλήγμα] it does not constitute a threat that will prevent us from continuing our war.”

As for the prospect of peace talks with MoscowHavrilov said that this will only happen when Russian forces are ready to leave every inch of Ukrainian territory, including Crimea, annexed since 2014, and parts of eastern Ukraine held for the last eight years by the pro-Russian separatists.

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“The decision of the society in Ukraine is to continue until the end. We have paid a heavy blood tax, we have put in a lot of effort for what we have already achieved. And everyone knows that any delay or temporary truce will only be the continuation of this war against the existence of Ukraine as a state.”

Asked if the recapture of Kherson and the retreat of Russian forces on the eastern bank of the Dnieper river increases the chances of achieving other goalssuch as the recapture of Crimea, Havrilov stated: “It’s a matter of time and of course, we’d prefer that to happen sooner than later.”. As he pointed out, this could be helped by an unexpected development in Russia, such as a sudden collapse of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

“We may enter Crimea, for example, by the end of December. It is possible, possible. It cannot be ruled out that way”, he added. And as for when the war will end, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said that as a military man it is important to be prepared for a long battle if Russia can build up its forces. “Of course, in that case, the war will take some time. But my feeling is that by the end of spring, this war will be over.”

Source: News Beast

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