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UN: Allegations of torture in China’s Xinjiang ‘credible’

UN: Allegations of torture in China’s Xinjiang ‘credible’

Crimes against humanity may have been committed in China’s Xinjiang autonomous region, the United Nations said in a report released Wednesday night.

“The extent of arbitrary and discriminatory detentions of members of Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities (…) may mean that international crimes, particularly crimes against humanity, have been committed,” the report concludes.

The UN has called on the international community to take urgent action on allegations of torture and sexual violence in China’s Xinjiang region, which it describes as “credible”.

“Allegations of repeated practices of torture or ill-treatment, especially forced medical treatment, as well as allegations of sexual and gender-based violence, appear credible,” the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said in its report.


Source: Capital