UN: European countries and the US condemn the “instrumentalization” of people from Belarus

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European countries – its members Security Council of UN and the USA condemned in a joint statement the “orchestrated instrumentalization of people” by Belarus on the border with Poland with the aim of “destabilizing the external borders of the European Union”.

After an extraordinary meeting Security Council which was conducted in camera, h Estonia, the France and the Ireland, the Norway, the United Kingdom along with USA, stressed in their announcement that its goal Belarus is at the same time “destabilizing neighboring countries” and “distracting attention from its own growing human rights violations”.

“We unequivocally condemn these acts. “The lives of these people are in danger, just to serve the political purposes of Belarus,” she said. Estonia, Sven Jurgenson He continued: “This tactic is unacceptable and good for a strong response from the international community and greater cooperation in order to hold Belarus accountable for its actions. “What is happening proves that the Lukashenko regime is a threat to stability in the region.”

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