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UN: “The number of dead will increase dramatically due to the siege imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip”

“Much more (people) will die soon” due to the total siege imposed on Gaza Strip from Israel, the head of his service warned today UN for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), calling for “substantial and sustained” humanitarian aid. “As we speak, people are dying in Gaza, not just because of the bombs and the wounds, many more will die soon because of the effects of the siege that has been imposed” on the small enclave since October 7, Filipe Lazzarini told a news conference in Jerusalem.

“Essential services are collapsing, supplies of medicine, food and water are running out, sewage is beginning to overflow the streets of Gaza,” he said. The convoys with humanitarian aid that have entered Palestinian territory since October 21 are largely insufficient to meet the needs of the population, the official said. “The current system is doomed to fail. What we need is significant and continuous aid, we need a humanitarian ceasefire so that aid can reach those who need it,” he said.

Her Ministry of Health Hamas announced yesterday that over 7,000 Palestinians, including 2,900 children, were killed since the beginning of the bombing campaign, launched by Israel after the unprecedented attack by Hamas on its territory, on October 7, as reported by APE-MPE. Asked about these numbers, Filipe Lazzarini replied that as in the previous wars in Gaza, the reports given by the Hamas authorities who exercise power in Gaza, “are considered reliable and nobody has ever really questioned them.” He stated that his organization has confirmed the death of 57 workers of the small Palestinian enclave since the beginning of the conflict. The war was sparked by Hamas attacks on Israeli soil that were unprecedented in their ferocity and scale. They cost the lives of over 1,400 people, the vast majority of whom were civilians.

Source: News Beast

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