Unbelievable: Cat refuses to move and returns to his old neighborhood

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The story of a cat who traveled 600 kilometers to return to her old neighborhood seems incredible, as it seems she didn’t like her new home.

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A family moved to the Orne region of France for business a year ago and naturally took all three cats with them.

One of them, however, could not get used to the new environment and disappeared in August 2021.

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After 13 months he was found near the family’s previous home.

A couple found the cat under a car and posted a photo of the animal on the missing pet website, Pet Alert, and that’s how the connection was made. The cat was taken to the vet, who confirmed that the missing animal was 10 years old and had been neutered.

The cat was exhausted, hungry and weighed only one kilogram when found.

Source: News Beast

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