Uncertainty over energy prices continues – What solution is being pursued for industry costs

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Despite the slight de-escalation of the TTF price of natural gas to 131 euros / MWh, the prices of both gas and electricity remain high, putting pressure on businesses and households.

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Indicatively for today in the Greek market, the average wholesale price of electricity will be 298.71 euros / MWh, while the average in March is significantly higher than in February, at 312.15 euros / MWh.

In this environment, the new increased subsidies for electricity bills for households and businesses are likely to be announced tomorrow.

But in addition to subsidies, the government is considering other measures to boost the country’s productive fabric, businesses and industries affected by high energy costs.

More specifically, according to information, the competent Ministry of Environment and Energy is promoting a plan for the creation of energy communities by companies and industries. It is noted that at present groups of companies or industries are not allowed to create energy communities.

It is noted that in order for a company to install a self-generating net metering system today, it must have found the appropriate space near the company’s facilities where the photovoltaic system will be installed.

The proposed solution will allow companies and industries to set up energy communities that will be able to install virtual net metering systems, where they will be able to install photovoltaic systems on plots that can be located in another location, in order to then the virtual energy offset.

In order for this solution to proceed, the government is expected to change the relevant legislation while at the same time considering a subsidy for the acquisition of equipment not only for photovoltaics but also for energy storage systems. At the same time, it is being considered to have an additional subsidy for the industries that are installed in industrial parks.

It is worth mentioning that in the recovery fund there is a relevant provision for the financing of business subsidies, which when they install self-generating systems, virtual or not, will benefit from the significantly lower energy costs that will arise.

Source: Capital

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