Understand how the stoppage in Revenue can affect the economy and your pocket

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Federal Revenue auditors decided to suspend activities as of Monday (27), as a form of protest, after the Union Budget for 2022 is approved by Congress without a forecast of salary readjustments for the category and with cuts.

The movement, which should gain strength at the beginning of the year, may affect, above all, sectors linked to foreign trade, as explained by CNN economic analyst Fernando Nakagawa.

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The analyst spoke with Ciro Marino, executive president of the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim), who showed great concern with this matter, since 50% of the chemical industry’s inputs are imported.

Marino also drew attention to fertilizers, as 90% of these inputs are imported.

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Nagagawa also spoke with the executive president of the Pharmaceutical Products Industry Union (Sindusfarma), Nelson Mussolini, who also classified a possible standard operation in Brazilian ports as worrying, as this could delay the arrival of inputs.

Mussolini recognizes that, normally, pharmaceutical industry products pass the borders with some speed, but there may be logistical problems if they form queues for the entry of inputs.

With a long queue at Brazilian ports, ships that are coming to deliver products here can depart from Brazil and go to the next destination. This can have a ripple effect, he says.

Those who have something to receive do not receive it and those who have something to export cannot ship, says the specialist. The effect of this on the economy may be to raise prices.

It is also worth mentioning that the stoppage of professionals from the Revenue can generate a cascade consequence, as this type of movement is closely monitored by various sectors of the economy, adds Nakagawa.

* Posted by Ligia Tuon

Reference: CNN Brasil

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