Understand how to identify, report and act against moral and sexual harassment at work

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A survey by consultancy Think Eva in partnership with LinkedIn in 2020 revealed that almost half of the women interviewed suffered sexual harassment at work.

The topic was widely discussed based on recent events, such as the allegations of sexual and moral harassment at Caixa Econômica Federal and the sex scandal involving a British parliamentarian, which led to the resignation of the country’s prime minister.

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To explain and discuss the matter, the CNN Our World this Saturday (13th) receives Silvia Chakian, prosecutor of the state of São Paulo and author of the books “The construction of women’s rights” and “Crimes against women” – this being a detailed study of the main Brazilian laws in the field of violence against women. genre.

Chakian points out that harassment can be subtle, often disguised or confused with jokes, for example.

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“We think that harassment is that grotesque song, that everyone had. But it’s not always so. It only takes one look at a woman’s body, a message in a WhatsApp group, a sexist joke for it to be intimidating for many women.”

Furthermore, it is not just women who suffer from sexual and moral harassment in the workplace: “A man who admits that he has suffered sexual harassment is often ridiculed and belittled. This says a lot about machismo in our society as well”, emphasizes the specialist.

To learn more about the subject, how to approach it and act, watch this Saturday’s program (13) on channel 577 and on YouTube CNN Brazil .

O CNN Our World is shown on Saturdays from 11:45 pm.

(published by Tiago Tortella, from CNN )

Source: CNN Brasil

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