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Understand the ringing in the ear that hit Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay

Understand the ringing in the ear that hit Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay

Last Saturday (10), the band Coldplay put on a show that should go down in the history of Rock in Rio. Not even the rain was able to silence the audience singing the group’s countless hits. With illuminated led bracelets, which were synchronized according to the music, in addition to a fan marriage proposal to the sound of “The Scientist “, the audience sang and was moved.

The British band was the last to perform at Cidade do Rock on the 6th day of the festival, after names like djavan , Camila Cabello and bastille in that day.

Almost 10 years after revealing that he suffered from a “buzz ” in ear, Chris Martin 45, managed to lull fans with classics like “Viva la vida”, “magic ” – which won a Portuguese version for the festival -, and “Fix you” .

With an hour and a half into the show, the group played “yellow “, “paradise ” and “clocks “.

What perhaps few people know is that in 2012 the band’s lead singer told the tabloid “The Mirror” that he had been suffering, since 2002, with a ringing in the ear – a problem that usually affects people over 55 years old and that can result in permanent deafness if not treated.

“At first I thought they were trains rushing past as I live near a railway line. It’s the result of years of being subjected to loud music,” he said. Chris Martin in season.

What is ringing in the ear

Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the head or ears without an apparent cause. It can manifest as an acoustic sound in the form of hissing, clicking, pulsing and other noises.

Sound perception without correlation with real external noises is considered a symptom of a precondition and not a disease. The severe form can lead to Hearing Loss, impairing the quality of life.

In August, a study published in the scientific journal JAMA Neurology showed that the condition affects more than 740 million people worldwide. Of this total, more than 120 million have a severe form of tinnitus.

Causes of Tinnitus

According to Ministry of Health, Possible causes of ringing in the ear include excess earwax, infections, and damage to the hearing aid. In Brazil, more than 25 million Brazilians suffer from the condition.

Other factors that are apparently unrelated to the auditory system can give rise to the symptom, such as spinal deviations, cardiovascular changes, diabetes, jaw joint dysfunction and excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.

Treatment depends on the source of the symptom. When associated with hearing loss, patients can benefit from the use of an amplifying device.

When the problem is not due to hearing loss, it is necessary to identify the cause. In the difficulty of finding the origin, specialists seek to identify the elements that trigger or worsen the discomfort.

Alcohol, salt, candy, chocolate, caffeine and nicotine are common triggers, but there is not always a trigger. When no triggers are found, some medications may work.

Chris Martin’s condition has been treated and he follows more performances in Brazil. Coldplay returns to the country in October for two more shows in Rio de Janeiro and six shows in São Paulo on the tour “Music of the Spheres”.

Source: CNN Brasil