Unemployment rises almost 6% in October in the Balearic Islands and reaches 81,713 unemployed

The Balearic Islands registered a total of 81,713 unemployed in October, which represents 5.97% more than in September (4,601 more unemployed), according to data published this Wednesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.

This level of unemployment It is 61.53% higher than in October 2019, with 31,127 more unemployed than then. Thus, the Balearic Islands continue, for another month, leading the increase in unemployment both in monthly terms and in the inter-annual comparison.

The number of unemployed is the highest for a month of October since 2013, when 82,486 unemployed were counted in the community.

Of the 81,713 unemployed in October 2020, 37,914 were men and 43,799 were women (53%). 14.7% are under 25 years of age and just over a quarter (26.5%) are foreigners.

Within the group of foreign unemployed, the number of unemployed has shot up almost 90% year-on-year (10,247 more unemployed) and 7.2% per month (1,465), to 21,644 unemployed. Most come from countries outside the European Union (13,044) and correspond to the services sector (15,794).


By sectors, unemployment increased in all of them, except in construction, where it fell by 78 people and stood at 9,171 unemployed. Services accounts for more than three-quarters of the total unemployed (77.3%), with 63,196 unemployed, 4,106 more than in September. Thus, 89% of the new unemployed in October are from the service sector.

The Balearic industry adds 106 more unemployed, up to 3,222, and unemployment in agriculture grows by 107 people, to 1,107 unemployed. Finally, 5,017 unemployed had no previous job: 2,705 of them are under 25 years old and 955 are over 45 years old.

In general, the Balearic Islands registered a total of 168,446 jobseekers in October, of which 77,258 were already employed.


During october 19,892 contracts were signed in the Balearic Islands, 54.2% less than in October 2019 (23,579 fewer contracts) and 13% less than in September (2,986 contracts).

Among these 19,892 contracts, 3,743 are permanent (14 of them for people with disabilities and 1,952 conversions) and 16,149 are temporary. Permanent hiring fell 47% year-on-year and 18% per month, and temporary contracts 55.6% year-on-year and 11.8% per month.

Three out of every four contracts signed in October in the Balearic Islands are in the services sector (14,863). Next in weight are construction (3,874), industry (905) and agriculture (250). On the other hand, 27% of the contracts signed in October in the Community were with foreigners (5,408).

Throughout the year, 219,053 contracts were signed in the Balearic Islands, 81% temporary (178,469) and 18.5% permanent (40,584).


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