United Kingdom, “Green Pass” hypothesis and indoor mask for the winter

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A kind of “Green Pass”, a vaccination passport to access crowded and high-risk places. This measure could come into effect in the UK, along with the use of the mask indoors. Boris Johnson, who has so far resisted the hypothesis of implementing a “plan B” for the winter, would be reconsidering – according to theObserver – a turnaround to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The new measures have been requested by Labor, despite the fact that infections are finally decreasing after the critical issues of recent times: last week, one person in 55 was ill of Covid. This is the highest number since the end of January.

The UK Health Security Agency (Ukhsa), as the newspaper explains, contacted local authorities on Friday to assess their level of support for an “immediate implementation of the winter plan – plan B“. A Ukhsa spokesperson said it would not comment on the leaks, adding that “it is part of the agency’s role to provide advice to the government on the response to the pandemic.”

A government spokesman said: “We are closely monitoring all the data and the prime minister has been clear: Plan B is not yet necessary at the moment. But we are ready to act to avoid an increase in hospitalizations that would exert unsustainable pressure on the health system ”.

Downing Street still hopes that a accelerated vaccination program can reduce the need for additional measures, such as the Green Pass and the mask indoors. The prime minister, on Saturday, urged all over 50 to join the recall, when it is proposed. “Vaccines are the way we need to go this winterJohnson explained. “We have made phenomenal progress, but we are not done yet and we know that vaccine protection may decline after six months. To protect yourself, your loved ones and everyone around you, get the shot when you get the call. Vaccines are safe, they save lives and are our opportunity to get out of this pandemic ».

According to Professor Peter Openshaw, a member of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag), implementing measures now to “lower transmission rates” is the key to “a wonderful family Christmas where we can all be together again.”


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