United States: Mike Pence and Donald Trump united against Democrats


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Democrats on Monday moved resolutely towards the opening of a second impeachment procedure against Donald Trump, accused of having “incited the violence” which hit the Capitol, while calling on its vice-president Mike Pence to dismiss him without expect from office. The Republican billionaire is threatened, at 74, with a sanction that would remain in the history of the United States and could mortgage his political future: to become the first President of the United States to be indicted twice in Congress (impeached) in an impeachment proceeding.

A “disturbed” president, an “imminent threat” against American democracy: even if the end of his mandate is very close, on January 20, the Democrats are determined to hasten his exit, after these events which left five dead and shaken the country. Controlling the majority in the lower house, the opposition therefore carried out a double action on Monday morning. On the one hand, parliamentarians have filed an indictment against Donald Trump, the first step towards the formal opening this week of a second impeachment procedure against the American president. A plenary vote to adopt this indictment could be organized as early as Wednesday in the Chamber.

At the same time, they called for the unanimous adoption of a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to remove the President from office, citing the 25e amendment of the US Constitution. That would consist for him and the principal ministers to note the inability of the president to exercise his function. A Republican opposed the unanimous adoption of this resolution. A plenary vote is expected to take place in the House on Tuesday.

Trump and Pence talk in the Oval Office

But on Monday evening, US President Donald Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence spoke in the Oval Office, a US official said. The two men, for whom it was the first meeting since the violence on Wednesday at the Capitol, had a “good conversation”, according to the same source.

According to this official, Donald Trump does not intend to resign before the end of his mandate on January 20. For his part, the vice-president does not intend to remove him from his functions by invoking the 25e amendment of the US Constitution, declaring him, with the support of his principal ministers, unfit to perform his function.

The “complicity » republicans “endanger America “

The “complicity” of the Republicans “endangers America, undermines our democracy and it must stop,” thundered in a statement the powerful Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, after this objection. She again accused Donald Trump of “inciting a murderous insurgency against America” ​​during the violence last Wednesday. And reiterated his ultimatum to Mike Pence to respond “within 24 hours” to the House’s injunction, once it passes the resolution urging it to activate the 25e amendment. “Our next step will be to move towards a vote in the hemicycle” on the indictment, she continued.

Backed by a large number of Democrats in the House, the indictment should be easily passed. But the doubt remains on the course, and the outcome, of the trial which will then have to take place in the Senate, today with a Republican majority. Democrats will take control on January 20, but will need the rallying of many Republicans to achieve the two-thirds majority necessary for his conviction.

Trump, a threat

“I expect Republicans to support the resolution” containing the indictment in the House, one of its authors, elected Democrat David Cicilline, told reporters on Monday. The violence on Capitol Hill is part of an “attempted coup”, he said. According to this act, Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to march last Wednesday on the Capitol where Mike Pence, held by the Constitution, solemnly announced the results of the presidential election of November 3. A victory for Joe Biden that Donald Trump never wanted to accept.

Donald Trump “incited the violence” and “seriously endangered the security of the United States”, it is written in the indictment. With “his conduct”, the outgoing president “has shown that he will continue to constitute a threat to national security, democracy and the Constitution if he is authorized to remain in office”, continue its authors.

New decision by a Trump minister

Some Republican elected officials on Sunday called on Donald Trump to resign to spare the country the complexities of the impeachment procedure such as the 25e amendment. The Acting Minister of Homeland Security of the United States, Chad Wolf, announced his resignation on Monday at midnight in a letter addressed to his teams. Chad Wolf had criticized Wednesday the “tragic and sickening” invasion of Capitol Hill by supporters of President Donald Trump, but did not mention it in his mail. Transport and education ministers resigned last week to mark their condemnation of the violence.

Isolated in the White House, ousted from Twitter and other major social networks, which want to avoid new incitement to violence, Donald Trump could speak shortly, according to the CBS channel. And he plans a trip to Texas on Tuesday to praise his immigration policy and the construction of the border wall with Mexico.

Democratic President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in on Jan.20 on the steps of the Capitol. He will then surround himself with his predecessors Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at Arlington National Cemetery to launch a call for unity. The Capitol, the seat of the US Congress, was protected by barriers on Monday and members of the National Guard patrolled inside.

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