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Universe Karnal investigates the different faces of unfaithful behavior; see in full

Betrayal, disloyalty, inaccuracy. These are just some of the meanings of the word “infidelity” present in the dictionary.

The understanding and interpretation of the concept may vary from one person to another. However, the feeling aroused is usually the same: anger.

For most people, infidelity means cheating on someone when you are in a monogamous relationship. But does it come down to that? Can there be situations where infidelity is welcome?

To deepen the subject, the Karnal Universe investigates the different faces of unfaithful behavior, which go far beyond marital adultery. Professor, historian and writer Leandro Karnal talks to experts in mental health, marketing and even firefighters to explain the different nuances of loyalty.

Lies, alliances against the partner, absence and coldness, loss of sexual interest, disrespect, selfishness, injustice and breaking promises are some behaviors related to lack of fidelity. For clinical psychologist Eda Fagundes, fidelity is a cultural construction of a characteristic that remains intact: our fear of rejection.

“Today, in a world that is so modern in so many things, in this sense of passion, jealousy, control, the field of love relationships, concepts, emotion has not modernized so much”, says Eda.

According to the specialist, it is common to attend to people who have relationship complaints associated with jealousy and excessive control of the other.

“The fear of abandonment, the fear of rejection, is very strong in human beings. Within a marital relationship, as it is not unconditional love, as a father, mother and child – I can effectively lose the love of that person, so it becomes a very important value, as if that would guarantee the love of the other for me, the which is a total illusion”, says Eda.

consumer loyalty

Ana Couto, Master in Visual Communication at the Pratt Institute in New York and one of Brazil’s leading branding experts, explains what brands have been doing to prevent loyal customers from “jumping over the fence”.

“The big challenge today is how do you connect people with brands. There are so many products in the world, so many services, and competition is getting stronger and stronger,” she says.

According to Ana, customer loyalty is one of the basic principles of any business. In this relationship, she points out the importance of understanding what made the first consumers loyal to brands.

“We need to understand what there was at the beginning that made it generate an audience that is loyal to the brand, those consumers who totally identify with the brand and will defend the brand in difficult times”, he points out.

Are dogs faithful companions?

Since childhood, we have learned that “the dog is man’s best friend”. Are dogs the true faithful companions?

To find out, Karnal puts himself in the role of a victim to be rescued by dogs from the São Paulo Fire Department. In space, it features the passionate and dedicated workers of the rescue team.

The result of this unique experience you can see in the new episode of the Karnal Universe, available on CNN Brasil Soft Youtube (check out the full video above ). The program is shown by CNN Brazil Saturdays at 11pm and Sundays at 12pm.

Source: CNN Brasil

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